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She nervously kept an eye out as she walked down the hill from the drugstore to her house and prepared herself to avoid anyone who crossed her path.

“It was bad enough,” she thought “that I had to buy the test alone.  How many times have I gone out of my way to be there for moral support and now it’s my turn and no one can be bothered”

“And why do these bags have to be so sheer” she muttered under her breath attempting to look nonchalant while simultaneously adjusting the bag so as to obscure its contents.

Had she’d known then that not much else would be going her way for awhile she’d have spent more time being grateful for the turn of events that allowed her to arrive home to an empty house without having seen anyone she knew.

                  Attention passenger of flight 1106 this is your captain.  Your aircraft and flight crew are here and ready to go, however there is weather in New York.  We will not be boarding until they give the go ahead.  We should know more at 3 pm.

                  The announcement had pulled Katja from her memory.  For a moment she’d felt exactly as she had as a 17 year old girl; scared, anxious, and confused.

As the descent into New York’s JFK airport began all Katja could see was the white of the clouds out her window.  With no way of estimating the distance from the ground each turn, bump, and jolt became more terrifying as her anxiety took hold.  It wasn’t long before her attempts at deep calming breaths became all but useless and what had earlier been an involuntary reverie was now a purposeful exercise in distraction.

“Happy thoughts” she told herself silently as she slowly exhaled.